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We are dirt bike suspension experts

Our services


Servicing the forks and shock and adjusting them to each riders' needs will make unbelievable wonders. Trust us.


The secret of a good revalving service is in the technique and knowledge, not in the parts. We only work with original parts and in close collaboration with OEMs.

Assistance to riders

In order to contribute to the evolution of the sport, we support athletes who value our services and want to have a competitive advantage to reach the podium!

our experience

Luís has a Master in Mechanical Engineering, and a special interest in suspensions. Besides digging into the books and getting his hands dirty, he has been collaborating with suspension OEMs, MXGP factory teams and industry experts, allowing him to quickly evolve and get the training he needs to become an expert in suspensions.

Constant learning combined with a passion for riding and a strong set of ethical values resulted in Steps to Podium’s successful formula, which always guarantees the best service.



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